Frequently asked questions

How To Install Vinyl Decals?


How To Care For My Wrap?

Wash your vehicle by hand to prolong it's life. It is recommended to use soft soap with a soft sponge. You can run your vehicle through a car wash but touch less car washes are best. Brush car washes can scratch, dull or lift the edges of your vehicle wrap. To remove difficult spots such as bug splatters, bird droppings or tree sap, soak them with very hot, soapy water to avoid scratching the graphics. Do not use: abrasive polishes, cutting compounds, wax products. Whenever possible, store your vehicle in a garage or shaded area. Prolonged exposure to the sun can degrade your vinyl graphics.

What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

We can do vehicle wraps on all different shapes and sizes of vehicles. Wraps start out as large sheets of adhesive-backed vinyl film designed specifically to be applied to a vehicle. They come in a wide variety of styles and finishes – from matte, satin or gloss finishes, to chrome, “carbon fiber” and beyond. We can do printed designs containing photos, imagery, graphics, textures, branded elements or “accents” on vehicle features such as trims, spoilers, hoods, trunks and roofs.

How Long Does A Vinyl Wrap / Decal Last?

It depends on the materials you want used for your wrap. We can install a temporary wrap that is easily removable and is great for your short-term needs, or we can install a high performance wrap that has a 5-7 year lifespan, depending on conditions, care and overall treatment.